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About Us

Who are we?

Ezy Pet Shop (formally known as was established in 2007. We always have a big heart of caring for pets in our mind and therefore we decided to develop an online store where every pet lover or owner can find, choose and buy their pet accessories with comfortable and easy way.

Why Ezy Pets?  We want to make every pets and owners excited and healthy always in using our products. "A healthy pet is a happy pet" is our main motto.

This is our main vision and mission to provide and share all those good quality pet products with the rest of the pet owners or lovers like you. We always believe that "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE" if we fully committed with our sincere heart.

What we sell?

We totally believe that pets are parts of the family member and we should shower our love and caring to them like what we treat to our family members. It is our pledge to you in providing our customers with high quality pet products and services to ensure their furry friends can always enjoy happy, healthy life. Our main product lines will be pet food,  pet clothes, pet accessories ,pet collars and leash and much more to come!

Therefore, we are very careful in selecting every items that we carry in our store. We will only stock those pet products that not only bring beneficial to our furry friends physically, it will help them nurturing a balance healthy lifestyle too. In the meantime, we always hope that our finest pet product will also create a strong loving bond between the pets and their owners. This is because we believe "LOVE HAS NO BOUNDARIES". If the relationship starts off on the right principles, it can grow into lifelong affection between your family and your pets.


Our commitment to you

We never threat our customers as an ordinary customers who just buy the pet products and that's it. We always value the relationship. We keep a strong mindset where our customer is also part of our family member and we should create a long lasting relationship. We own our full responsibility in ensuring that each of our customers will satisfied with their products and needs.

We are not those gigantic pet companies that can spend much in advertising. We are just what we are and we can only depend to our customers to spread out our good values of Ezy Pet Shop to their families, relatives and friends as a goods return gesture. Although we do not have big advertising budget from the rest of other competitors, we will always do our best to ensure all our customers are properly treat and serve by us.

Rest assured that we will continue to seek out more quality pet products from the rest of the world and we hope you will enjoy shopping in Ezy Pets Online Store.


Thank you very much from the bottom of our heart for choosing Ezy Pets Online Store ! Your satisfaction is our greatest achievement!


Yours Sincerely

Ezy Pets

If you have any doubts or concern about us, feel free to write to us at Contact Us Column. We will respond it accordingly.